Winter is finally gone! Spring is typically known for one of the better seasons to sell your home. But this also means, the inventory has increased. Therefore, it is important for your listing to stand out to potential buyers. I turned to the professionals and asked Linda, a licensed real estate agent for over 10 years, what some tips and tricks are to selling a house in Bergen County.


Nobody likes stepping over junk when they are looking to purchase a house. The potential buyer should get a real idea of the home they are buying and leaving a lot of clutter around prevents them from seeing the bigger picture. Don’t just shove everything in the closets; potential buyers always look through everything!

Attract with curb appeal.

The exterior of a home is typically the first thing a potential buyer sees. If it’s the first picture on the carousel rotation for the listing, some people won’t even consider looking at photos of the interior. Not to mention, they definitely won’t even think about making an appointment to come and see the house in person. Making the grass a little greener, trimming up the hedges and bring some color in with flowers makes all the difference. You want to make sure it feels warm and inviting just like as if you were going to have company over.

Make small updates to your home.

You don’t want to put a lot of money into making updates to your home if you are going to sell it, but you want to try and make small updates so you can potentially sell it for more money. The largest returns on investments are bathrooms and kitchens. When people are looking to buy a house, these two rooms are the most popular deal breakers. Most of the time, new homebuyers aren’t interested in doing a renovation when they move in. You don’t have to do the entire kitchen over, but making small changes like putting in new appliances or hardware in the kitchen will go a long way.

Brighten it up.

A dark home can feel damp and depressing. Brightening it up with natural and artificial light will instantly brighten the mood/home. When showing your house to potential clients, make sure you open all the blinds and turn on all the lights. Another trick is to get the highest wattage of a light bulb to really brighten up your house. A nice fresh coat of paint also helps, but no fad colors. Try to keep it as neutral as possible.

Depersonalize it.

You want the potential buyer to imagine themselves living in the home. If you leave your personal photos/memorabilia in the house, this is distracting for the client. Try to make everything as generic as possible.

Hire a professional photographer.

People who are looking to buy a home, usually turn to the Internet first. The listing pictures are the first impression the potential buyer sees, so they have to be worth the buyer wanting to get a second look in person. Why do the houses on million-dollar listing look so great? Well, besides the fact that they are million dollar homes, they have professionals take the pictures! The biggest takeaway here is don’t upload photos from your iPhone to the listing.

Looking to sell your home this year? Contact Linda DeSantis at (201) 923-6095 to learn more about what is hot on the market.

By Michelle DeSantis

Michelle DeSantis is a Bergen County girl who lives, breathes, eats and sleeps Bergen County. Founder of the blog, The Bergen Skinny, Michelle is determined to find the best food, fitness, fashion and entrepreneurs in the area. Check her out at

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