Fans Test ‘Useless’ Knowledge With Fun, Food and Drink

Q: What two elements are in the “Breaking Bad” logo?

A: Bromine (Br) and Barium (Ba)

Q: In the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast,” what does Gaston use to decorate?

A: Antlers

Q: In “Star Wars,” what is Princess Leia’s home planet?

A: Alderaan

Q: In “Harry Potter,” what type of feather is part of Harry and Voldemort’s wands?

A: Phoenix

If you liked answering questions like these, you would surely enjoy matching your knowledge with like-minded TV and movie enthusiasts at a trivia event. The friendly competitions are so popular that Trivia, AD coordinates 150-170 events every month throughout the tri-state area. Some recent events featured fans testing their wits about “The Office” at The Shepherd & the Knucklehead in Hoboken or “Toy Story” minutiae at Houlihan’s in Hasbrouck Heights. 

Whether you’re an avid fan, or a casual observer looking for a fun time, unique experiences await. Trivia, AD’s team of 60-plus pop culture experts love creating questions about books, movies and television shows such as “Saved by the Bell,” “Friends,” “The Sopranos,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Game of Thrones” and more.

“They’re an immersive experience for participants, knowing they have acquired ‘useless’ knowledge on a specific subject,” said Dave Oliver of Dumont, founder of Trivia, AD. “This makes it more exciting that a general trivia night.”

Trivia, AD has accumulated a library of tens of thousands of questions so that if you attend an event on the same topic on a different date, the questions and answers won’t be repeated.

“We want people who come back to be challenged,” said Oliver. “The staff loves writing questions about new themes.”

Oliver started the event company 10 years ago after family and friends urged him to enter “Seinfeld” trivia contests with cash prizes. He had always been a fan, watching every episode as much as 200 times. He found popular culture contests, but a specific theme night didn’t exist. Turning his own interest into an opportunity, he began writing questions and designing answer sheets.

An example of a “Breaking Bad” trivia answer sheet.

Oliver has been able to apply his graphic design skills to promote Trivia, AD. At first, he depended on flyers and word-of-mouth, but as the company celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, his talents have evolved to capitalize on social media.

“We still print flyers and hope for foot traffic, but we’ve built a strong digital presence,” said Oliver.

The events always have free admission and participants can range from 20-100 people. Trivia, AD also arranges private events like bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday and bachelorette parties. Corporations, such as American Express, CBS, Google, Random House and others, have hosted events that contribute to team building experiences. Bars and restaurants are happy to host events for revenue generating opportunities. Events also act like meet-up groups and can facilitate singles nights, he added.

People dressed up for “Hocus Pocus” trivia

“It’s a built-in icebreaker and people already have something to talk about,” said Oliver.

“Before finding Trivia, AD, we thought we were the weird ones obsessing over ‘Seinfeld,’ but now we know there are many others like us,” said Jamie Sclafane of Leonia. “When we started attending events we would go to the city, but it’s nice to have them in our own backyard.” 

For more information about Trivia, AD, visit or connect on Facebook at or Instagram at @triviaaddotcom.

By Marilyn Katzman

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