Style on the Ski Slopes

The perfect antidote to beat the winter blues is to head off to the mountains. However, planning a ski trip, specifically packing, is not the easiest of tasks. Whether you are driving to Vermont or heading out west, packing can be a challenge, especially if you are looking to be fashionable.

What you should pack for your ski trip depends on what your plans are after your day on the mountain. Will you be cozying up to the fire? Will you be getting drinks and partying after (also referred to as après, which is French for “after ski”?

There is no need to forsake warmth for style on the slopes anymore. Most ski brands offer products that look as much in place in the city as they do on the slopes.

Dressing appropriately on the slopes can mean the difference between a memorable trip and a not so memorable.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when packing for your ski trip.


Layering is essential when heading to the slopes. It is a strategic process that should be carefully chosen. Consider fabrics that provide warmth and moisture management to all for changes in the climate. Think breathable fabrics with heat tech and lightweight knits.

You want to start your first layer with long johns and, depending upon the temperature outside, you will want to wear a pair that can withstand the outside temperatures. The last thing you want to feel on the slopes is too cold or being too hot.

I recommend visiting the store Uniqlo. They have a great variety of long johns with heat tech, and they don’t break the bank either.


Pack several warm tops, but choose lighter fabrics so you can layer. Choose fashionable and classic ones you can wear anywhere. Tribal prints are a great choice and can be worn on or off the ski slope.


Corduroy pants, jeans and leggings are all perfect to wear after the slopes and out to dinner.


Puffer jackets will keep you warm on the slopes and they can also be worn after your ski run. Fleeces jackets are also great to wear when socializing after the last run. Waterproof and windproof ski pants will do, and I personally recommend ski pants versus wearing a one-piece. You can get more outfits by mixing and matching your pants with different tops.


We all know that wearing a helmet is not an accessory but an essential. Choose one that you can wear with any outfit choice.However, your hair may have a little lack luster after you hit the slopes so wear a cute hat or headband to make up for the bad hair day.

Wool socks are a must and don’t forget to wear sun protection. The sun is equally dangerous since the sun reflects off the snow. Ski goggles will aid when the temperatures are quite cold or a great pair of aviators will do if the weather is sunny and not too cold.

Boots, such as Uggs or ones that are waterproof, are a great choice. They can comfortably be worn at the end of the day, so bring a pair that will match with almost everything you have brought with you on the trip.

At the end of the day, you want it keep it casual and stylish yet comfortable. Less is more. Happy skiing! Be safe and have fun.

By Soneca Guadara

Soneca Guadara is a personal fashion stylist who makes her clients feel beautiful and confident. When Soneca is not working her magic assisting her clients, she can be found working backstage at New York Fashion Week, working on location shoots and contributing as an on-air fashion/style expert and style writer. You can follow Soneca on her Instagram – @StyledBySoneca – for weekly tips.

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