Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”  And I think many can agree. Oftentimes we have to deal with situations in our lives that can’t be changed. We have to “roll with the punches” and just do our best to live our very best lives. It’s difficult and it’s not easy, but we have no choice. 

On that note, how many of you feel the same way as I in that you want to change this cold weather we are having today? If so, you know that there’s not much we can do. But you know what we can do? We can do our best to stay healthy and hydrated, which can be more difficult this time of the year. Why? It’s simple: not many of us don’t want to drink cold, icy drinks this time of the year.

While that’s often the case, it’s also true that you can easily stay hydrated this year, and I’m going to share how. Here are five ways to stay warm and hydrated this year.

Stay Warm With Warm Water and Tea.

Don’t want to drink cold water? Why not drink water hot? Drink it as it is and/or add a tea bag to add a bit of jazz to it.  It’s an easy way to warm up while staying hydrated. I recommend getting Healthy Human Life Cups. If you travel and/or work a lot, these cups truly keep your liquids hot and/or cold throughout the day. You can use FITFAB10 for 10 percent off at Some of my favorite organic teas come from Yogi and Trader Joe’s.

Make a Pot of Soup.

Another easy way is by making (and eating) soup. It’s so easy to make and there are so many different recipes out there. From chicken noodle soup to butternut squash soup, there are just so many different ways to make soup that you have to find one that you will love.

If you are making soup, I recommend using Bones Chicken Bone Broth. One serving of this broth contains 10 grams of collagen, 10 grams of protein alongside amino acids and other natural compounds that are great for health. And what is it made of? Chicken bones and chicken feet from 100 percent organic pasture-raised chicken, filtered water, fresh organic vegetables and superfoods like turmeric, ginger, apple cider vinegar and grass-fed gelatin – so simple!

Don’t like making soup? I recommend getting Splendid Spoon Soups. You can order a selection of soups and smoothies that are lower in sodium than many other canned soups that you find in the store. From Ikarian Stew to Garden Minestrone, this meal subscription service has it all. You can use MICHELE to save off your first box.

Add In Those Veggies.

Believe it or not, what you eat also keeps you hydrated. Add in zucchini, fresh carrots, tomatoes, and lettuce into your day. 

Don’t like to shop? I recommend getting Misfits Market. You order a box from their website and you get a whole box of organic veggies delivered to your door. That’s right, you don’t need to go to the grocery store. And, because you are getting a variety, oftentimes you will find new veggies that you love that you may not have tried before.

Add in Some Fruit.

You can add in fruit easily into your day. You can easily add some strawberries to oatmeal and/or other recipes. You can also easily grab an apple with peanut butter for an easy snack. Alternatively, if you do still enjoy cold foods, you can easily blend some fruit into your smoothies or make nice-cream (bananas + peanut butter + a splash of milk).

Enjoy Instant Hot Cocoa.

Like hot cocoa? Great! Instant hot cocoa is an easy and simple way to add more water into your routine when consumed in moderation.  You can also make your own “hot cocoa” by mixing Vital Protein Chocolate Collagen Powder with a bit of milk and Stevia. Yum!

So there you go… five ways to stay hydrated and warm this season. While it may not be as great as changing the weather, it’s what we can do right here and now.  Let’s just do our best to make the most of this season and to come out the healthiest and happiest we’ve been.

By Michele Weinstein

Michele Weinstein is a graduate and valedictorian of the University of Vermont with a biology and nutrition degree who is passionate about all things health. During her time at the University of Vermont, she took vigorous courses such as Biochemistry of Human Disease, Molecular Endocrinology, Food & Culture, Sports Nutrition and Nutrition in the Lifecycle, with the intention of going to medical school. But life had other plans. Despite her achievements on paper, Michele struggled throughout high school and college with anorexia. At the time of graduation, she was left to fend on her own due to hospital guidelines and health insurance policies which left her with two options: a.) Give Up B.) Keep Going. She kept going and founded A Fit And Fabulous Michele on a whim of hope. While a lot has changed since that time. On a Fit and Fabulous Michele, she utilizes both her education and her experiences growing up with a 10-year struggle with anorexia (twice inpatient) and growing up in a household with both a Type 1 Diabetic and someone with food allergies (to corn, bananas, avocado, etc.). She aims to educate, inspire, and connect with others who want to have a healthy balance of more than just fitness and/or food. She also is the founder of, which aims to utilize our struggles and stories to inspire others to keep going.

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