“Stone has vitality and integrity. As I sculpt, I work to protect these qualities and allow the sculpture to emerge from the stone’s unique form and color,” notes artist Natalie Frier, of Harrington Park.


Frier’s work has been exhibited in galleries in New York City and New Jersey. Her pieces are also on exhibit at Piermont Fine Arts Gallery in Piermont, New York. In 1990, she was invited to participate in the 17th International Stone Sculpture Symposium in Iwate, Japan. During a one-month period, she carved a 2,000-pound granite sculpture, “Reflection,” which is permanently exhibited in the Chokoku-no-Mori (stone sculpture park), an affiliate of the Hakone Open-Air Museum.


Her professional affiliations include serving as president of the board of directors of the Art Center of Northern New Jersey, president of the Piermont Fine Arts Gallery and as a member of the Sculptor Affiliates of the Art Center of Northern New Jersey. In addition, she teaches stone carving at the non-profit Art Center, which offers an assortment of classes for students at all levels of expertise.




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