I love to dance. Apart from my love of music that just propels me into rhythmic movement, dancing is great exercise and so much fun. And who doesn’t like to have fun? So, let’s stop, wait a minute and put some Bergen County in it. (I may have just come up with some new lyrics here for the talented artists of the “Uptown Funk” song… Cute? Right? (You’re better off just agreeing with me.)

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But come on! Let’s get to the Bergen beat… For starters, there’s the new Rugova Restaurant and Bar (259 Johnson Avenue, River Edge). I always think of it as a historic landmark; I go back to the days when it was Dinallo’s and going further back, when it was Boodles. And Rugova’s owners are no strangers to the restaurant business, as they also own three other restaurants. I have been to all and I have not been disappointed. The bar at Rugova has always reminded me of the sitcom Cheers bar. Everyone seems to know everyone; the bartenders are a comedic show all on their own. Yes, Michele and Karen, I’m talking about you both. And the music is always great, especially when it’s being played by one of the fabulous DJs.

Believe me, I have danced many a night there with one, if not all, of my besties. If that dance floor could only talk about all of our fun fiesta times!

But what’s not so fun, or easy, is getting up after a recent night of dancing the night away. But my wake-up alert had just sounded and Josh, my trainer from GYMGUYZ, mobile personal fitness training specialists (www.gymguyz.com), would soon arrive, so I had no choice but to get up.

Despite all the dancing I’d done the previous night, there was no excuse to not work out, especially when the exercise trainer comes to you in the form of a mobile gym that’s equipped with all sorts of training equipment. But I also have a full gym in my building so in my case, we work out there. Thanks, Josh, for another great workout!

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Pumped by my workout with some much-needed adrenaline, I made my way to see Sloane at Hartly Fashions (104 Westwood Avenue, Westwood) for a new wow outfit to go dancing in. Hartly Fashions delivers every time I go there. Thanks, everyone; hope to see you on the dance floor soon.

Upon leaving the trés chic fashion store, I received a call from a friend of mine looking for a venue to have a progressive cocktail hour party. My friend’s main concerns were making sure to have a big dance floor and lounge setting, as well as a great sound system. No problem! The 201 Club (90 East Palisade Avenue, Englewood) fits the bill on all counts. I’ve been there many times for parties and charity events. It’s fabulous. I pulled up to the Club and the valet took my car. I then made my way to the long bar for my glass of vino, grabbed my partner(s) and shimmied my way to the dance floor. You know us gals; we never dance alone. We start out with one bestie, and before you know it, we are all on the dance floor together. I swear the sound and lighting system took me back to my disco clubbing days, minus the big hair!

I just love the lounge areas where I can go sit, chat, sip and nibble in between my dancing. You know what they say: Once a party girl, always a party girl. I’m a Barb-A girl living in my Barb-A world!

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I feel so privileged to live and work in Bergen County, where I can experience and enjoy so many great things. I’m out every night, because I don’t want to miss any of it.

Life is good in Linda’s List Land. I love when people come up to me and tell me how much they love BC THE MAG and “Linda’s List.” Thank you for reading and dancing with me. See you all next time. Ciao, for now!

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