Is The Diet Industry
The Answer To Having The Body You Want?

By Kerin Briscese


For any of you who follow my Facebook Page, the title of this article is not that shocking. I have been disgusted at the amount of people, specifically women, willing to put their bodies through hell in order to lose a few pounds. Regardless if you need to lose 10, 30 or 200lbs there is a “quick fix” for all of it! But are they really the long term answer?

Lets start with lap band surgery and gastric bypass. Surgeries made for those who apparently have tried everything else, are 100+lbs overweight and this is their last resort. Both surgeries help you limit the amount of food you can hold in order to lose weight. Isn’t this every women’s dream? A surgery that officially makes you unaccountable for your actions. You no longer have to choose if you should or should not go for that 10th cookie because you simply can’t! Both surgeries come with risks that are too long to mention on this page, but more importantly, they carry a high risk of weight regain. Rather than address the issues that led you to be overweight, you’re trying to work your way fully around it.

Now for those of you who have to lose 10, 20, or 50lbs, these surgeries must seem completely crazy. But is your route for weight loss that different? Lets take a look at HCG, which is actually backed by doctors. The beloved Dr.Oz states “his version” is the safe version. For those of you who don’t know, HCG is a hormone found in pregnant women that is given to dieters along with a 500 calorie diet. It is believed that HCG hormone is the reason why the dieters can lose weight without feeling hungry. The original HCG diet allows no exercise accompanied by extremely odd food rules. All in the name of quick weight loss! Don’t buy into the BS.

Then we have supplement companies such as Isagenix that claim to be healthy options for weight loss. Of course, in order to lose weight you have to buy and stay on their “rich in nutrients” products. Their products also don’t make you hungry at a whooping 1200-1500 calories a day regardless of your specific body composition, activity, age, height or current weight. Hmm interesting. Too good to be true?

Now I could go on and on ripping into basically every weight loss, quick fix and fad diet out there, but I’m limited on space and the specifics of the risks, not to mention the statistics on regaining weight alone would be pages long. So for the purpose of this article, let’s get to the point.

At what point did we, as a country decide that we would rather spend $7, $30, $1000+ on surgeries and products that state on the label serious health side effects and no guaranteed long term results then do the work that is needed in order to lose weight in a healthy sustainable way?

There was a time when I struggled with weight. I did every diet under the sun, and my weight went up and down. It was torture! When you are in the moment of hating how you look, being uncomfortable all the time and desperate as to what to do, these “quick fixes” look and sound sexy. They look like the answer because we want someone just to tell us what to do. Because embarking on a journey with products that basically endorse starvation and restriction feeds into our self-belief that we aren’t good enough. We don’t deserve to feel happy, we don’t deserve love, all while feeding into our shame. It simply continues to push the belief system that eating moderately, enjoying our food while maintaining an active lifestyle is way too difficult. Who has all that time to take a moment to think about the greater good of our health and bodies?

I get it, your intentions start out of every morning full of promise and hope, but your sabotaging habits leave you never reaching your goals. That is why a much bigger piece is at play then just having good intentions.

You have to decide that you are done. Done with yo-yo dieting. Done with saying you don’t have the time, the money, the energy. You must believe you deserve and are capable of having a body you love and are crazy about. That you are so much better and deserve so much more than starving yourself, beating yourself up day in and day out. That you will have the body you want, look great in a bikini and you are going to do it in a way that says, “I love my body, I cherish my health and my life”.

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