When the scope of talent and motivation match, magic undoubtedly occurs. Meet 19-year-old New Jersey-born singer, songwriter and vocalist Frawley, legally Lauren Frawley. Not only does she possess a traffic-stopping voice, mile-wide vocal range, deep insight and identifiable lyricism, but her ambition also goes just as far. Rather than be shy about what she wants, the songstress doesn’t hide her intentions. Instead, she positions herself for the biggest platform possible by way of capitalizing on endless potential.

“I want my music to sound very big,” she exclaims. “I want it to be global. It’s important for guys and girls to both identify with it. I’d love for people to listen to me, because I’m communicating what they’re going through. The feeling is that I can be everybody’s best friend.”

Ever since first singing “Mamma Mia” as a child, she immersed herself in music. She went from diligently studying voice, dance and musical theater at after school programs to posting videos on Facebook and Instagram. She drew inspiration from vocal titans, such as Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera, and electronic visionaries, like Avicii. Additionally, she discovered Irish acts, including The Wolfe Tones, The Dubliners and The Cranberries.

Regular trips to Ireland to visit family opened her mind to incorporating Celtic cadences, energies, and undercurrents into pop music.

“I’m Irish, so those Celtic melodies are definitely present,” she goes on. “It’s a really subtle blend. When I was a little, I spent all my summers in Ireland. It’s another world. The air you breathe in the second you get off the plane is so crisp. Everyone is friendly. It’s relaxing. It just feels like home.”

In 2015, she began uploading covers of Rihanna, Adele, Demi Lovato and Tori Kelly to SoundCloud. Organically generating millions of streams, her take on Alessia Cara’s “Here” exploded with a staggering 12.8 million plays a year later. As her profile grew, she inked a publishing deal with First Access Entertainment and Warner Chappell. By 2019, she signed to Island Records for her own music.

She introduces a singular sound on the debut single “Easy.” Originally written by Frawley, who attended school in Haworth, on a piano at home, her voice magnetically attracts the spotlight. Backed by glimmering production from Larzz Principato [Dua Lipa, Halsey] and Kinetics & One Love [Hailee Steinfeld, Melanie Martinez, Fletcher], the musical palette encompasses finger-snaps and an electronic ebb and flow as her expansive vocals take flight. It stretches from emotionally charged verses and a bright bridge into a robust refrain, “You make it so hard to leave when loving you is so easy.  

“I was thinking about somebody I had a crush on,” she smiles. “I was trying to convince myself I didn’t have a crush on this person though. Then, I finally felt like I was over the whole situation, but I wasn’t. I had to go back and face it. The same thing would happen all over again. It’s too easy to keep going back,” she laughs.

Right now, Frawley’s potential ultimately aligns with incredible possibility.

“I hope listeners want to play my songs again and again,” she leaves off. “I want them to feel so good and happy that they’re lifted. I’m just documenting how I’m growing up and living my life. I’m strong and vulnerable, and I love to love. I want to share this happiness in my music.”

To connect with Frawley, visit her Instagram, @iamfrawley; her Twitter, twitter.com/iamfrawley; and her SoundCloud, soundcloud.com/iamfrawley.

Submitted By Lauren Frawley

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