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Wyckoff resident offers women-centric talk showBy Jennifer Peters

As an advocate for entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations, Marci Hopkins is truly a shining example of hope for trauma survivors while she takes the TV world by storm with her inspirational talk show “Wake up with Marci.”

The Wyckoff resident and newly found host has become the guiding light out of the dark for women who have suffered horrific tragedies and loss, through showcasing guests that have transformed their lives.

Hopkins initially laid the groundwork for this platform on her Facebook Live show titled “Coffee with Marci.” This began as her way of giving back to the community while providing the chance for entrepreneurs and non-profits to speak out to the world, while also gaining exposure. Hopkins’ following gradually built in to a well-known and effective media channel through which guests were able to come to her for the creation of an edited piece of video content.

 “I truly wanted to inspire the audiences. I was hoping the viewers would have something ignite inside of them from watching – something that would spark an action toward achieving their own personal dreams,” Hopkins, who recently hosted makeup artist and entrepreneur Trish McEvoy on a recent episode of the NJ-set national talk show Wake Up with Marci, said. The leading voice in beauty and founder and president of Trish McEvoy Cosmetics sat down for an exclusive interview with “Wake Up” host Hopkins at her signature spa in New York City and dished on all things beauty and health.

Hopkins was never a stranger to generously giving her time and heart to others. As a volunteer of the Christian Health Care Center and Julia’s Butterfly Foundation, a charity dedicated to improving lives of terminally and chronically ill children, she has made a career out of incorporating her devotion to helping others and living as a beacon of hope.

Eventually the Facebook Live show was dialed in with local moms as the vast majority of focus while her journey progressed in to television.

“Although Facebook was effective and interactive, I wanted to give the non-profits and entrepreneurs content that had more of a shelf life. The television show launched on Aug. 27 within over 200 markets on You Too America. In addition, there is also the chance to watch on digital streaming via a free app called NJ On Air,” she said.

With a love for acting throughout her early life and an extensive media background professional, Hopkins is as authentic as one can get in the world of hosts. She has the innate ability to deeply connect with not only her guest but also those watching. One recent show included a widow who lost her husband on Sept. 11, 2001. The widow endured further losses within a short time frame, including her job. The episode showcased her utter pain and suffering, yet it also shared her healing. The show is not only an opportunity to share pain. It also provides an inside look at the ways in women have taken something absolutely horrific and transformed it into something beautiful. This has been through giving back to the community, writing self-help books, guiding others through similar suffering, or simply allowing what most of us these days do not do – talk about it.

The women watching, who are either experiencing a tragedy now or struggling daily to overcome one, are able to see and feel on a more personal level that they are not alone and there is another chance at life. And, Hopkins is the key to unlocking that truth so that we can see, hear and feel this truth.

 “I want all of the women out there to know that this stigma attached to them – whatever their story is, whatever they have survived – it does not define them,” she said. “And no matter what stage of life they’re in or how old they are, it is never too late to not only heal, but to go after their dreams.”

Hopkins’ show can be watched on YouToo America on Mondays and Fridays at 6:30 a.m. You may also download NJ On Air, a free app available for IOS and Andriod, to watch episodes at any time. Be sure to keep up with Marci on Instagram (@wakeupwithmarci), Facebook (@wakeupwithmarcionyoutooamerica) and her website (

By Jennifer Peters

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