January – Time to stand up for yourself, but not in an aggressive way. There seems to a balancing act going on with family – challenges, creativity and change. You can let others rain on your parade when it comes to your love life; everyone has different expectations. Be smart and so long as your relationships meet your hearts needs, try putting up an umbrella to the opinion of others.

February – Reach out and make others realize you care. Your actions speak louder than words.  Others around you aren’t psychic so you have to lead them. Don’t let others rain on your Sunday afternoons, or even Monday mornings! In others words take the time to balance your needs and wants keep in mind you are not the best communicator. It’s time to walk in the rain with whomever you want whenever you want.

March – So much excitement is in the air. Time to enjoy many of life’s milestones. Don’t let others rain on your parade as you make decisions on how to handle upcoming events. Surprise, look who decided to show up in your life – your past shows up in a positive way. Going down memory lane (old jobs; relationships; or even old friends) will bring a whole lot of laughter.

April – Have more confidence with keeping others at bay while you make big decisions. Do not allow others to rain on your day at work. You may be the new kid on the block but you hands down have others reeling with how very capable you are. You will rise in the ranks – watch and see. Your enthusiasm will pay off since others feel like you deserve the promotion. Kick up your heels. It’s time to celebrate.

May – April showers bring May birthday flowers. You can expect more than flowers as gifts coming up. It may not be birthday season for you but you will feel like it is. You like the rain so you have no fear that the rain will ruin your upcoming fun. You are the one with the umbrella. Travel plans bring more than an adventure – it might just bring two. You will receive a very big pat on the back… Go, you!

June – If it rains on your parade, it will be in $$$. The money gates look like they are opening for you. You may find money in everything you touch for a few weeks. If all else fails, buy a lottery ticket. Just keep in mind, treasures and pleasures are priceless. Money isn’t the only thing flowing, there will be invitations, job offers and food. Food may seem odd, but maybe you will find yourself dining out or cooking more.

July – You may be happy with the rain. It may give you a reason to stay home and watch old movies or just chill. It’s been more than busy this year and there are plenty more events to come. Happiness and laughter follow you everywhere. Work may seem to be in a slump one day and be off the wall crazy the next. Don’t worry; the sun will shine bright just where you need it to shine.

August – Others may think you are picky and particular just because you don’t want people to rain on your parade. You like things the way you like them. You just may have to be a little more politically correct when it comes to work and your friends. You have it right. You don’t have to let others know. Expect a few ups and down with family drama; don’t add to the gossip, it will come back to bite you.

September – You are pretty much up for any adventure, smiling and laughing all the way. You won’t mind but others around you might. You know better than to take in the moods of others.  Every once in a while, however, you can get sucked into the nonsense. Pay attention. You will find yourself into spring-cleaning mode even if spring has past. Balancing your free time between family and friends can add a bit of stress. Try to attend as much as possible and keep your dance card full.

October – Winner, winner. A romantic adventure just warms your heart and your head. With work, you may feel like you are in a hailstorm with no umbrella or place to run for cover. Have no fear, the storm only last 2 or 3 minutes. You might want to change your style a bit even if it’s a new haircut or color. Make sure you leave time for yourself. Maybe a quiet night in or a day at the spa is just what you need.

November – Your charming personality and charisma won’t keep the rain away. When it comes to life, you shine like a rock star in the eyes of many. True compassion and empathy brings you into the light. You will be rewarded.  Others tend to lend on you for support. Lending a helping hand brings much happiness to you and them both. Your smile is very warming and inviting to others. It may even lead you to a new romance.

December – Some of your fondest memories are when there was a downpour of rain. You travel and move well in all kinds of weather. You certainly will be noticed in your career in the upcoming months. You are the champion of taking lemons and making lemonade, so remember that when it comes to family matters in the upcoming months. Finances seem to be less of a worry. Remember to always put a little extra way for that rainy day.

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