Oksana Prokopenko is a Ukrainian-born artist now living and working in Upper Saddle River, NJ. Educated in the U.S. at NYU and the Ukraine, she creates mixed media paintings as well as micro-mosaics from tiny pieces of glass. Her works have been acquired into the permanent collections of museums in the USA (Museum of Russian Art) and Italy (Siena Art Institute), and she’s been featured on the International Russian TV network, NTV, radio shows, and numerous publications. Currently, her pieces can be seen at St. Paul the Apostle (59th St. and Columbia Ave., NYC); her public art murals have been featured on Cosmopolitan.com and can be seen on the Lower East Side (part of 100 Gates Project) and Long Island City (part of ArtsOrg).

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The piano is to inspire the viewers not only to play, but also to reflect that creativity is a vast field of possibilities; that by inviting the muses into our (creative) life we could engage wonderful benevolent co-creators. All we have to do is look into the starry night and feel their creative help coming.

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Visit the website OksanaPro.com for more on the artist and her works.


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