Edgewater, a fast-growing borough located across the Hudson River from Manhattan, is a fun, wonderful place along what is referred to as the “Gold Coast.” Whether I’m dining in one of my favorite restaurants or walking along the river with my partner-in-crime, Tatyana, I am a very happy woman.

OK, it’s that time: history time. Edgewater was once called “a sleepy, pastoral little town.” That’s hard to believe, right? In the 19th century most resort hotels turned to industrialization in the early 20th century. Another transition occurred in the late 20th century and Edgewood began to rapidly grow into a residential community. Special thanks are owed to Mayor Mike McPartland and the city council as Edgewater continues to grow.

Every time I drive south or north on River Road, I always reminisce of what once was and marvel at what it is now. There are so many great restaurants and things to do. So, let’s go have some fun! These are bucket list worthy locations in Edgewater.

SoJo Spa Club
660 River Road

Wow, this place is spacious and truly is a unique spa resort. Relaxation and wellness is definitely the focus here. There are so many great services to choose from and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Since I like reflexology, I enjoyed the leisurely walk on the foot massage path – happy feet, happy me! The rooftop infinity pool with the appearance of cascading into the Hudson River is breathtaking; the panoramic view of Manhattan starts at the George Washington Bridge and goes down to Battery Park City. I loved the outdoor silk bath recommended to improve skin elasticity. Eating is part of wellness, so I enjoyed a salad and fresh juice during my wonderful experience here at SoJo. I’ll be back.

River Palm Terrace
1416 River Road

Known for its delicious steaks and some of Bergen’s best sushi made by the famous Chef Andy, River Palm Terrace is a location not to be missed. On a cold winter night, what can be better than their best kept secret: the homemade wonton soup? With an incredible staff that I’ve gotten to know well over time, there’s a reason it is humorously referred as my “second home.”

Rebecca’s Fine Cuban & Caribbean Cuisine
236 Old River Road

Quaint, charming and cozy, you can sit indoors or outdoors at Rebecca’s. Rebecca’s has a romantic atmosphere with exceptional service. It’s also the longest standing restaurant in Edgewater with the same chef since 1998. Well, that explains why the food is over the top consistently amazing! I was so impressed with how the wait staff assists you in choosing sides that compliment your main dish. It’s hard to tell you my favorite dish because I have many, but the lechon asado (slow cooked roasted pork with mojo sauce) did capture my heart. Have you ever eaten something that was so good that you wanted to start the meal over even though you were truly content? I experience that when I visit Rebecca’s. The portions are quite large. I shared the lechon asado with my dining companion and we could not finish our half portion. The dirty rice (black beans and white rice) was our side dish – yummy, unforgettable cuisine! Oh, did I mention it’s a BYOB? No worries if you forget yours. Wines from Villa Milagro Vineyards, a small privately owned winery, produces organic boutique wines that are available for sale by the bottle.

Spirit Lounge Access Nightclub
547 River Road

If you’ve finished dinner, but don’t want the night to end, be sure to frequent Spirit Lounge Access Nightclub. This hidden gem has Lebanese fare, creative cocktails and hookah offered in a warm, relaxed atmosphere with DJ music. Check out their website for their art and music events as they are amazing. Where was Spirit Lounge when I was young? I’m so glad you are here in Edgewater, Spirit.  I never was one that likes the night to ever end.

N.Y. Waterway Edgewater Ferry Landing
989 River Road

I don’t know about you, but I really hate to drive, especially into New York City. Sometimes, however, I need to get my fix. That’s when I hop onto the N.Y. Waterway Edgewater Ferry. In a blink of an eye, I’m walking the streets of New York. The ferry makes it a hassle-free commute to the city and if that’s not easy enough, their shuttle bus takes you across town. I have even walked on a nice day. It’s that easy. I love the convenience of ferry traveling.

Edgewater Trails

For the walkers, runners, bikers or hikers of Bergen County, Edgewater has some great trails. There are even doggie trails! I remember one very hot summer day; my friend and I started in Edgewater and walked to Hoboken. Of course we stopped along the way at various local pubs to hydrate, and we got so hydrated in Hoboken that we took Uber back – fun times.

Edgewater is truly a lovely place. If you have not visited it, definitely do so, and then share with me your stories! Thanks for spending time with me in Edgewater. Ciao for now.

By Linda Barba

Linda Barba is out and about every day of the week! Have something cool for her to check out? Just let us know! Email info@bcthemag.com with “Linda’s List” as the subject. Also, check out her daily postings at facebook.com/bcthemag.

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