Ah, breakfast. I think breakfast foods are everyone’s favorite. I know they are mine. Did you know that it was in the 15th century that the word “breakfast” came to use in written English to describe the morning meal? Think about it: breakfast – breaking the fasting period from the night before. I’m always interested in learning new words and the root of their definition.

I guess that steams from when I was a child and was always sent to my room (yes, punished). We did not have electronics back in those days; we had dictionaries, encyclopedias and our schoolbooks to read. While punished, I’d teach myself a new word. In hindsight I think I should have taught myself not to answer back and I would not have be punished so much – duh. Well, I’m pleased to report that I still answer back, and I have a huge vocabulary.

There are so many choices for breakfast foods. Growing up in a very Italian home, we had frittatas, which non-Italians refer to as omelettes. My favorite was always the potato, prosciutto and spinach frittata with a slice of toasted semolina Italian bread – delizioso.

Who needs to cook when we have so many wonderful places at our fingertips?  I want to share some of my favorites with you. Since it’s a stones throw from my home, I think I’ll bop over to GW Grill (2139 Hudson Terrace, Fort Lee) for one of their omelettes and, of course, I’ll have a Bloody Mary (I love Chef Linda’s bloodies). It’s amazing that it is included in the already reasonable price.  Wow, I’m so jealous my friend indulged in the stuffed brioche French toast (stuffed with sweetened cream cheese, caramelized pecans and garnished with a raspberry Melba sauce). With just one bite, she had that “nah, nah, you can’t eat this smirk” on her face. Then, she rubbed it in by saying, “That was so good.” Hey, what are good friends for if not to make you feel badly about your dumb allergies?  Thanks, Don and Beena, the food and service was terrific.

OK, ladies, we’ll go to Pancetta Restaurant in the Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe (100 Frank W. Burr Boulevard, Teaneck). They have the best breakfast buffet, though I’ll order my go-to omelette – yum. All my friends can indulge in the crepes, waffles, omelette station and all of the other goodies that I cannot have. I know it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, so I’ll have a mimosa to accompany my omelette, please.  Keep the mimosas coming.  You know women, we love to sip and chat. In case you are wondering the answer is yes, I eat out everyday.

I’m feeling some gluten free French toast with fresh strawberries and honey. This woman cannot live on omelettes alone! Have car; will travel. When I was growing up diners were practically on every corner.  Unfortunately, today there are not so many around.  In my previous life (Franklin Lakes), we were regulars at Matthews Colonial Diner (4 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick). As you can see, it’s still my go-to place. When in Waldwick, be sure to visit Matthews.

What a fabulous breakfast we had at Noches de Colombia Restaurant (370 US Rt. 46, South Hackensack).  I didn’t know they served breakfast until I ran into my good friend Jerry and we were reminiscing about good ‘ole times when we were all younger. It was so much fun to sit in the same room that was the once the bar at the famous Molfetas Greek Nightclub. What an iconic place! Boy, if those walls could talk…
I hope you enjoyed breakfast as much as I did. With the holidays coming upon us so quickly it’s a good time to enjoy breakfast with family, friends and loved ones. Enjoy, happy holidays and thank you for enjoying breakfast with me. See you next year!

By Linda Barba

Linda Barba is out and about every day of the week! Have something cool for her to check out? Just let us know! Email info@bcthemag.com with “Linda’s List” as the subject. Also, check out her daily postings at facebook.com/bcthemag.

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