Becoming a grandmother for the first time is special. When that grandson is a KNOWHEN baby, it’s extraordinary.

“A couple days ago, I became a grandmother,” said Helen Denise, the founder of KNOWHEN, a lipstick- sized, highly accurate medical marvel for home use that allows women to take an active role in their fertility and birth control choices. “I devoted my time and life to that, and it has happened.”

Denise and her daughter are both KNOWHEN users. Originally from Paramus, Denise has been using KNOWHEN for nine years.

“It’s not just about pregnancy,” she said. “[It’s about] a woman’s overall health.”
When she was 40, Denise nearly died due to an ectopic pregnancy and post-operational complications. Soon afterward, she became determined to develop a cost-effective and accurate product that could help women monitor and understand their reproductive cycles. As a result, KNOWHEN was born.

KNOWHEN provides women with a holistic, natural approach to understanding if they are ovulating, when they are most fertile and the exact time of the month to have sex or seek professional help.

“Personal awareness is crucial for women’s health at every stage of life,” she said. “If you know your body and your cycle, you can do whatever you want to do.”


Registered and cleared by the FDA, KNOWHEN is a noninvasive and discreet saliva-monitoring device. It works when a woman places a drop of saliva on a lens and lets it dry. When viewed through a glass optical piece, the crystallized salts in the woman’s dried saliva reveal a distinct fern leaf pattern if she is ovulating. Millions of women in America deal with fertility issues and it was important for Denise to develop a product that was so simple to use.

“KNOWHEN is committed to taming the infertility epidemic caused by a lack of education and inappropriate products and it also helps preventing pregnancies,” Denise said.

Accompanying the KNOWHEN device is an “Ask the Experts” CD which explains ovulation and answers many questions that women may have. This audio CD is helpful in explaining why it is important for women to understand their individual cycle and how the KNOWHEN ovulation monitor microscope works in conjunction with the knowledge women gain.

“There’s a lack of knowledge,” said Denise. “There’s a gap and we can solve this problem if we share information with women that they don’t know.”

In addition to the education kit, KNOWHEN offers a free personal ovulation tracking mobile app with the purchase of the device. The app tracks daily results as part of KNOWHEN’s promise to allow women to easily and accurately find out when they are ovulating. Eva, a spokeswoman for KNOWHEN, is there to help women stay on track with alerts and reminders that she personally sends to them. “It’s amazing and it works,” said Denise.

She has the endorsement of medical professionals to prove it. Dr. Hugh Melnick is a key member of Denise’s team. Since 1976, Dr. Melnick has been treating infertile couples. He is considered a pioneer in the field of outpatient in vitro fertilization and is the founder and director of Advanced Fertility Services, a private, freestanding in vitro fertilization center in New York City. Dr. Melnick found a close correlation between actual ovulation as determined by sonographic examination of the ovaries and the presence of a fern pattern in saliva as determined by the KNOWHEN Ovulation Predictor System.

On top of medical endorsements, Denise also has clinical studies to prove KNOWHEN’s merit. In 2000, Denise sponsored the first-ever U.S. clinical study in compliance with FDA requirements to test the effectiveness of its saliva ovulation microscope versus urine-based testers. After achieving a 98 percent accuracy rate and submitting her clinical results, the FDA granted Denise approval to market in 2003.

More than a decade later, KNOWHEN is expected to hit the shelves at CVS this May.

“It’s really starting to happen,” said Denise. “It’s the right time for us to bring this device to women. It’s something that is missing from the shelves.”

Denise is working towards launching more family planning products. For hope, freedom of choice and peace of mind, KNOWHEN is a woman’s best friend.

“I hope KNOWHEN will be more than a product,” said Denise. “I hope it will be a movement empowering and guiding women in achieving their fertility goals.”

Visit www.knowhen.com for more information.

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