As a personal fashion stylist, I often get approached and asked, “What should I wear when working from home?’ It may seem obvious – no suit or jacket is required. But, how casual should you actually dress?

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of having their employees work at home. According to Forbes, 20- 30 million Americans work at least one day a week. Americans are dressing way more casually than they did fifty years ago.

So, with this said, what do you wear when working from home? I’m sure many of you have worked in your pajamas before. In theory, it sounds like a dream come true; however, in reality, you probably agree that the days you worked in your pajamas weren’t the most productive. Productivity probably soars on days you were actually dressed. After all, studies show that you will feel more authoritative, trustworthy and competent when wearing some type of attire that requires some effort.

The following are some tips on how to get you in the mode for dressing when working at home.

Have a clear start.

Prepare for the day as if you were heading into the office. Enjoy your coffee, a work out and a shower, and then get ready. It will help with your mindset.

Dress for success.

Dressing up puts you in a mental state of mind that will make you feel more present and will emit a higher level of commitment, even if you are home alone.  If others are home, it sends the signal that you are working and not to disturb.

Casual business.

Comfort is key when working at home. You don’t have to wear a full suit but maybe you’d like to add a knit blazer to your jeans and shirt. Men, a collared shirt with jeans still looks polished without compromising comfort. If you are video conferencing, you want to look polished from your head to your waist.

Go shopping (or get a personal stylist).

It’s so easy to stay in loungewear all day. Maybe you’d get excited to get dressed in the morning if you went shopping. Get your basics or hire a stylist – like me – to help you do your shopping for you.

Style must-haves.

Speaking of the basics, here are my style must-haves: leggings; jeans; khakis; slip on shoes, such as loafers or ballet flats; casual blouses; collared shirts; sweaters; simple delicate jewelry; and light makeup.

I hope I have given you some reasons why it’s important to dress up when working at home. Hey, if you don’t want to waste a good outfit, head out to your local Panera Bread or Starbucks to get your work done. Whether you are an independent contractor or own a home-based business, if you look good, you will feel fabulous and have a more productive day.

By Soneca Guadara

Soneca Guadara is a personal fashion stylist who makes her clients feel beautiful and confident. When Soneca is not working her magic assisting her clients, she can be found working backstage at New York Fashion Week, working on location shoots and contributing as an on-air fashion/style expert and style writer. You can follow Soneca on her Instagram – @StyledBySoneca – for weekly tips.

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