Summer Travel: How To Pack Light

Summer may be half way over, but that doesn’t mean the getaways have to stop. Overpacking your weekend bag or luggage for your summer vacation is easy to do – you never know just what you’ll need. To help keep your luggage light, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Make A List.

Ask yourself the following: what type of weather will you be encountering? Will you be attending any formal affairs? Write down your essentials wherever your final destination may be. The list will help you not go overboard.

Be Reasonable.

Once you have outlined what every day may look like, don’t pack, for example, six tops for three days. OK, maybe pack four – one extra, just in case. The reality is you are probably not going to wear all those outfits. Less is more when you pack.

Pack By Outfit.

By planning out your days, you then can put together outfits based on each day. It is important to think about what activities are on the itinerary and how you see yourself wearing what and when. If you really want to be super organized, you can pack each outfit in Ziploc bags with labels so you know exactly what to wear when.

Lay Your Clothes Out First.

Group things together on your bed or floor. This helps you visualize and map out what goes with what. Don’t just throw things into your luggage for no rhyme or reason. You will either overpack, or underpack. You may even forget to bring your bathing suit to a beach vacation or your underwear if you don’t lay your clothes out.


As you map out your stay, see how you can reuse the same dress or the same pair of shorts. Will you be staying at an Airbnb where you can do laundry? This will help cut back on how much to bring.

Pack A Pair Of Neutral Shoes.

Pick a pair of shoes/sandals and sneakers that you can mix and match for the activities you plan to do while you are away. I typically like to wear my bulkiest shoes on the plane so they don’t take up space or add weight. Normally, for me, that would be a pair of sneakers.

Roll Clothes.

This will save space and your clothing will have fewer wrinkles.

Pack A Dedicated Toiletry Bag.

Collect all those sample sizes of your favorite makeup, moisturizers and perfume, and don’t forget a travel size saline solution, especially if you don’t want to pay or have to wait for you luggage once you have landed. Sample sizes are the perfect size allowed to carry on or to put in your weekend bag.

Don’t Forget The Dryer Sheet.

If you want your clothes to smell fresh, pack a dryer sheet inside your luggage. This is especially nice when you return home from your getaway, as your luggage won’t smell like dirty clothes. If you’re going swimming and returning the same day, always keep a plastic shopping bag from the grocery store in your bag this way you can just toss your wet suit into the bag.

There you have it! Hopefully these helpful tips make packing less stressful and much easier.

By Soneca Guadara

Soneca Guadara is a personal fashion stylist who makes her clients feel beautiful and confident. When Soneca is not working her magic assisting her clients, she can be found working backstage at New York Fashion Week, working on location shoots and contributing as an on-air fashion/style expert and style writer. You can follow Soneca on her Instagram – @StyledBySoneca – for weekly tips.

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