From runway to street style to your best-dressed celebrities – these are the emerging fashion trends to be on the look out this season. Whether you choose to take some risks, I am sure some of these fashion trends will make their way into your closet.


We can thank Kim Kardashian West for bringing this basic to the forefront as a couture fashion find. However, let us not forget that the beloved Princess Diana, the “Queen of Hearts,“ donned them as well back in the day. From runway to street wear, this athleisure wardrobe staple will definitely be the rage this 2019.


The python print is taking over in the animal kingdom. Move over leopard, the snake is in! You can basically find anything in this print from boots to dresses to shirts and dresses. Python is going to be a huge hit for 2019.


Some people may call them “ugly” but regardless of what you think, they are sure comfy. From Balenciaga down to Steve Madden, the dad sneaker is making a statement that is here to stay.


No need to head over to Lollapalooza to break out your tie-dye. From the runways in New York City to Paris, designers have embraced the hippie print and proving it to be a “groovy” comeback for 2019.


This technique is nothing new to designers. The classic gathering that embraced the 1980s is back in a huge way. What’s not to love about rouching? It can help conceal a women’s midsection, and help clothing cling on nicer. You will find rouching on sleeves, on a skirt and even on a bathing suit. It’s a fashion trend that will definitely stand out this 2019.


This is one color that you can’t miss. It’s the 1980s with a 2019 twist. If wearing it head to toe may seem too over the top, adding pops of it here and there are sure to keep you on trend this year.


Anything knitted or crocheted is sure to be a huge hit for fashion in 2019. The woven material is seriously making a major impact. It’s not just for the beach or festival dressing. From patchwork pieces to full-length gowns, you will even find fishnet like material on shoes.


This 2019, feathers are definitely going to be seen as a huge fashion trend this 2019. Whether placed as an accent piece on shoes, to a purse, earrings or a dress, feathers will not be flown but rather worn.


Think flip-flops with heels. Some may say that they are not the most comfortable type of sandal, but they are sure super flattering and look super cute on. They give that barely there, minimal look that will sure take storm with celebrities and influencers.


This is a trend that not only is on the rise, but hopefully one to stay for a very long time. There used to be a time that wearing your clothing more than once wasn’t the thing to do, especially with the rise of social media. Why would you when stores like Zara and H&M give us “fast fashion” at the fraction of the cost? However, as more and more people are getting educated, it’s actually “cool” to wear your beautiful garments more than once. Plus, we are protecting our Mother Earth. Recycle. Reuse.

By Soneca Guadara

Soneca Guadara is a personal fashion stylist who makes her clients feel beautiful and confident. When Soneca is not working her magic assisting her clients, she can be found working backstage at New York Fashion Week, working on location shoots and contributing as an on-air fashion/style expert and style writer. You can follow Soneca on her Instagram – @StyledBySoneca – for weekly tips.

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