Sitting atop the Hudson Palisades with the most breathtaking views of the George Washington Bridge and Manhattan, a fabulous borough called Fort Lee is full of fun, fun, fun for all.

I’m so very fortunate to call it home, and we all know that every day is funday for me. So grab your glass of wine and your BC THE MAG, and join me for lots of laughs and giggles. Did I really say giggles? I did. I did.


On one of my recent jaunts, I went to meet Tatiana. Not only is she my bestie, but she is also at the top of the Who’s Who of realtors list. Tatiana showed me a couple of apartments at the Modern (800 Park Avenue), the all-glass building in Fort Lee that stands at 498 feet. Now that’s a tall building! In fact, I’ve heard it’s the tallest building in all of New Jersey. You’ve surely seen it on one of your trips as you are approaching the GW Bridge. On a sunny day, the reflection off of the building is simply beautiful. And it’s just as pretty inside; it’s all glass from floor to ceiling. Let me tell you: the picture-perfect view of the entire length of the GWB from one apartment on a high floor is so clear that I lay down on the bed and said, “I could report the morning traffic on the bridge without ever getting out of bed.” Now that’s called working from home! Sign me up.


I’m no novice to the history of this property, as I lived in Fort Lee for many, many years. I was gone for 15 years, but came back as soon as I could. The development of the large parcel of land—I think it’s 16 acres that now houses the Modern Tower A; Tower B is under construction and Hudson Lights complex is a mix of residential, retail and hotel—was 40 years in the making. Fort Lee residents—moi included—would get excited by news that the land was going to be developed, only to be disappointed when the deals fell through for various reasons. You can just imagine what an eyesore the unkempt vacant property was for so many years. It really was such an awful sight and site. So big thanks are in order for our fabulous Mayor Mark Sokolich for this wonderful Fort Lee facelift. I do believe it’s all part of the downtown redevelopment plan. Anyway, looking good thanks to the mayor and council. Splendid job!

Tatiana and I were feeling hunger pangs, so we crossed the street to Hudson Lights Complex (2030 Hudson Street) and made our way to City Perch (2023 Hudson Street). Thank goodness she shares my food allergies, so I am not the only one who is every chef’s nightmare. My food ordering mantra: “I can’t have butter, dairy or gluten.” Despite the limitations, though, we enjoyed a splendid meal and, of course, Tatiana is always delightful company. Thanks, City Perch, for creating such a great atmosphere, food and service, and for honoring our food allergy restrictions.

Since the IPIC (2023 Hudson Street) theater is right up the escalator from CP, we decided to catch a movie at the all-new movie venue. We loved the novelty of sitting in a pod as the wait staff, referred to as “ninjas,” brought us our CIPI wine. (I know you figured it out without me telling you—CIPI is IPIC spelled backwards. Cute, right?) And it’s simply delish! As we’d just eaten, we passed on the food and instead opted to keep our wine glasses full!

I, for one, love that we again have a movie theater in town that offers really good food and that it serves wine. I remember when “back in the day,” Fort Lee had three movie theaters and their epicurean choices were burnt popcorn, candy or soda. OK, so perhaps I embellished a tad; the popcorn wasn’t always burnt.

You really do have to come see for yourself. The IPIC is not like your ordinary movie theater. For starters, you can let the valet park your car if you don’t want to park it yourself in the garage. This is more than fine with this little princess (that would be me), who valets her car all the time. Little wonder IPIC chose to come to Fort Lee, the birthplace of the motion picture industry. (Fort Lee is not just a fun borough; it’s also rich in history).

Shhhh, don’t tell Tatiana, but the reclining seat was so comfy, I think I may have dozed off for a second or two. I’m sure I’m not the first person, nor will I be the last, to succumb to the lure of the sumptuous seats. Shucks, the movie was over and I had to vacate the said seat.


Not quite ready to put an end to our girls’ time together, we grabbed an outside table at City Perch and enjoyed some coffee and dessert, as well as an after-dinner drink. The weather was beautiful that evening. (I just love fall nights; a little sweater over my shoulders and I’m good to people-watch for hours, and once the music starts, I’ll keep warm by exercising with a little dancing). It all added up to a perfect day in my ’hood with my beautiful bestie.

Speaking of exercising, I have to head over to the CycleBar (2012 Hudson Street) in order to get myself back into indoor cycling again and check out their woman’s boutique too. (You know I’ll be a regular at the boutique. Yes, my name is Linda Barba and I’m a well-known shopaholic. Guilty as charged.)

Wow, we spent an entire day and evening at one location. Told ya, it would be fun. Thanks for sipping, reading and joining me for fun times in Fort Lee. Ring me you when you’re in my neighborhood as I’m always up for some fun. We can meet at Callahan’s The Original (1400 Anderson Avenue). I don’t think there’s a single person that grew up in Bergen County that doesn’t know of Callahan’s. It’s not only the home of the best hot dogs, but their menu has something for everyone. You will love the wall mural depicting the first Callahan’s location. Great memories come flooding back every time I see it. And if you go there without me, please say hello to Lenny for me. Who knows? You may just get to meet Lenny’s Mom when you are there.

Well, ciao for now! See you next time…


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