There’s nothing quite like a dinner party. As the holidays fast approach, we will be guests to many more of them, as our family and friends try to impress us with their culinary prowess, which they’ve mastered this past year. Or, maybe you’re the one doing the cooking – missing your entire party, your significant other enjoying themselves amongst the guests while you stressfully slave over the oven. That glass of wine they poured you, forgotten about. Trying to figure out when to start each dish so that they’re all done at one time playing out in your head like an algorithm from “A Beautiful Mind.”

If any of this sounds terrible, Chef Lisa Pattman is your answer.

After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, Pattman went on to work at the Food Network under the likes of Emeril Lagasse, Sara Moulton and Mario Batali until 1998. Soon after that, she took center stage, hosting cooking demonstrations for children and adults alike at Chef Central, before launching Lisa Pattman Catering and Tbsp Cooking in 2002, not to mention being Sting’s personal chef.

Nowadays, you won’t find Pattman in backstage of TV culinary sets or teaching a crowd at a retail store. If you want Pattman, you have to be lucky enough for her to come to you.

While in-home cooking parties are certainly on the rise, Pattman takes the experience to a whole new level. Most of the time everyone congregates around the kitchen anyway, but you’re too focused on the high stakes game of preparing a compliment worthy meal to really pay any mind to your guests. Pattman takes the pressure off of you, whilst also nailing that delicious meal your guests will be talking about for weeks to come.

Pattman arrives not just ready to cook, but ready to teach both you and your guests in an interactive manner about creating new dishes – from teaching proper chopping techniques to speaking about how each ingredient reacts to your palette or to one another. Imagine watching a cooking show on TV – but then actually getting to eat it after.

As Chef Pattman will say, “You get to decide how involved you would like you and your guests to be. There are varying degrees of what we can do to spruce up your dinner party. Yes, I can come and cook and take that stress off you. Or, we can plan an amazing meal together where you, your guests, and myself create a truly unique and memorable experience in the comfort of your own home. After all that, I’ll clean up the mess!”

Your dinner party might take months to plan, but a simple email or call to Chef Pattman will be that catalyst that elevates your party to all new heights.

On one spring evening, the BC The Mag crew had a dinner party of their own, and Pattman showed us what all the hype was about. As we surrounded the kitchen island, Chef Pattman made us feel like we were all back in high school home economics class, albeit this time we had wine. Our staff laughed and joked with Pattman and her staff while learning about the food we were about to eat. Taking notes on how we could use some of the techniques Pattman showed us. There was no question too silly, and while Pattman entered the party a stranger whose purpose was to cook, she left as if she was a guest we had known forever. Not only was there no stress, it was a way to interact and entertain guests without everyone just staring at the TV.

If you’re still looking to take your dinner party to another level, you can’t overlook pairing your courses with wine. That’s where Vinamore Wine Consultant and Sommelier Kevin Kenney comes in. Is your preference wines from Southern France or perhaps Napa? Kenney’s tagline, “Bringing wine country to your home,” says it all.

While you and Pattman work to plan the perfect menu, Kenney and Pattman will be strategizing on pairings sure to add another level of elegance to the dinner party. Whether you’re an experienced wine connoisseur or “two-buck chuck” is all you know, Kenney will work diligently to introduce you to and educate you on wines from across the world.

Hang up the apron and drink that glass of wine. Enjoy your guests and delete the stress. For this dinner party, Pattman’s got you covered.

For more information contact Pattman at or check her out on Instagram at @tbspfood. For information on Vinamore and to contact Kenney, go to or follow him on Instagram at @vinamore_wine.

By Brandon Goldstein

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