Abby Lessick, an artist and illustrator based in Demarest, wants to serve as an inspiration to others.

“I want to inspire others to create their own work, to write, to go out into nature more often. I want my work to make people stop and really look at the world around them with a deeper appreciation of the finer details that make up our forests, our oceans, even our backyards,” said Lessick, 24. “My goal as an artist is to be a visual storyteller, to transport my viewers to new and exciting places, to let them escape into the worlds of my imagination.”

Lessick’s passion for art began at a young age – so young, in fact, that she couldn’t exactly pinpoint a particular time when it became her primary interest.

“As a child, I drew a lot of comics and little illustrations of characters that I made and tried to replicate images I saw in books, on TV, in movies, etc.,” she said. “I really enjoyed drawing landscapes and flowers and objects especially.”


To this day, the natural world is very much an influence for Lessick.

“All my work is centered on the beauty, strangeness and complexity of nature,” she said. “When I go on walks or hikes, I find myself taking tons of reference photos of mushrooms and plants that I later incorporate into my work.”

Lessick, who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY New Paltz in 2015, favors Impressionism, though she wouldn’t call her work impressionistic.

“I identify with the impressionists’ use of color and their stylized landscape paintings,” said Lessick. “I think it’s fair to say that I identify most with art that is narrative, colorful and nature-oriented.”

While at New Paltz, Lessick painted with oils. Since graduating, however, she’s switched to acrylics while exploring different creative avenues, such as teaching painting classes. She’s currently employed as a full-time decorative painter and faux-finisher.

When she’s not working, she spends her time completing private commissions and personal illustration/painting projects. She ultimately aspires to be a working illustrator, both writing and illustrating her own content.

“My family instilled in me that life is too short not to do what you love. So, even if the road seems long and difficult, if you really want something, no matter the result, the journey is well worth it,” said Lessick.

Besides the motivation she receives from her family, Lessick has found great inspiration in Florence, Italy.

“I studied abroad there for a semester and it completely inspired me; everything from the architecture to the famous sculptures and paintings housed there fueled my artistic passion,” said Lessick.

Locally, there are a couple hiking trails along the Palisades in Alpine that she really enjoys.

“I always find a lot of interesting nature there, and the views of the Hudson [River] are really gorgeous,” she said. “I take a lot of inspiration from those hikes.”

The beauty of Lessick’s art, however, is that the viewer doesn’t have to physically travel to Florence or the Palisades to be transported.

“I can transport the viewer to the beautiful places I’ve envisioned in my imagination,” she said. “There is beauty all around us always, no matter how chaotic the world might seem, and that is something I’d really like to capture in my artwork.”

To view more of Lessick’s work or to contact her, visit her website at and her Instagram, @abbylessickart.

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