Ask Oradell artist Jean Bedrosian what her first love was, and she’ll respond by saying painting.

From an early age, she took an interest in making art and in the diverse colors of nature around her. Once in college, as many do, she found her creative voice and became immersed in painting in an abstract style with oil paint.

“First on very large unstretched canvas with palette knives, then later with brushes on stretched canvas, I explored an expressive world of undulating forms and flickering light revealed through dark forms,” said Bedrosian, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in studio art and art history from Drew University.

While at Drew, she attended a semester at the Lacoste School of the Arts in Lacoste, France, which is located in the Provence region.

After college, ready to enter the work force, Bedrosian worked briefly at the Whitney Museum of American Art in the Education Department, where she served as a production assistant for a video on a Whitney Biennial. After her brief stay at the Whitney, she entered the world of advertising at BBDO Worldwide.

“Over the years, I developed my marketing skills at varied companies in the home furnishings industry, as I also explored other ways of being creative,” said Bedrosian, who furthered her education by studying graphic design at the Pratt Institute.

She also worked as a textile designer of handmade rugs, a graphic designer and later as a web designer.

In recent years, Bedrosian has returned to painting, her first love, as a medium of expression.

Most recently, she was accepted by a juried competition into the AD Art Show, which was displayed at Sotheby’s in New York City from Feb. 22-25.

“This art show promotes artists who work by day in advertising and marketing, then pursue their creative passion in fine arts outside of work,” she said. “It was a perfect match to my experience and interests.”

Currently, Bedrosian is a Senior SEO Strategist at Flying Point Digital (a division of Women’s Marketing Inc.), a digital marketing agency in New York City.

“My art is about the sincerity of the stroke and meditating on the curves and proportions of nature,” she said.

Trained by Abstract Expressionists, she deeply connects to the un-named in form and color. This, combined with a love of the human form, water, clouds and skyscapes, informs her themes and style.

Her current work responds to scriptural passages about water, the Earth and the Spirit.

“Specifically, I explore passages about the Earth being watered from below – waters pooling to fill depressions, receding and then carving pathways in relief,” she said. “I’m captured by the image of the Spirit hovering over the deep.”

Bedrosian is a colorist at heart, taking joy from layering that reveals and obscures what is underneath. She invites you to respond as you are prompted.

To view more of Bedrosian’s artwork or to learn more or contact her directly, visit

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