One of my favorite features in my fashion magazines has always been the one that highlights what celebrities are carrying in their bags on a daily basis. Call me curious, but I love to know what other people “can’t live without,” especially when it comes to beauty products. With that in mind, I decided to ask some cool and fashionable Bergen County girls my favorite question: What’s in your bag?

 Enid O’Brien 

Enid O’Brien is a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger, The Bergen County wife and mom of three under five can be caught on @theevsocial or on the next plane to her next writing assignment.

Hermès Evelyne: “Every day I carry my Hermès Evelyne because it fits all my stuff – plus the kids’ stuff, should I have them with me.”

NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound: “This is my favorite. It feels so smooth and it’s not too pink.”

Aquaphor: “It’s like a cure all, plus it can double as lip balm. Really this one is for the kids.”

La Prairie Cellular Hand Cream: My mother always says, ‘You can get a face-lift, but your hands give away your age first. Take care of them.’”

Velvet Haze Byredo Samples: “I’m always on a plane and need to not smell like one so I have them give me extra samples when I stock up on my fragrance.”

Rouge Dior 999 Matte: “I carry this red lipstick just in case I’m going from day to

night and need to step it up a notch. So many of my friends have started trying it too – maybe it is the universal shade!”

Marci Hopkins

Marci Hopkins found her true calling and harnessed her talents for acting, television programming and community leadership while also spotting a trend, which led to her talk show, “Coffee with Marci.” With the huge push by Facebook to grow its video business, Marci found that Facebook was the best platform to connect with her audience.

Laura Mercier Powder: “I love this because it is natural looking and kills the shine at show time.”

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss: “The best colors are available and it’s glossy but not sticky. Plus, it has sunscreen and it works with anyone’s budget.”

Palladio Rice Paper: These oil absorbing blotting tissues are perfect any time. If my face starts to look a little oily, these are perfect. They are also great because they come in small packages, which is perfect for the little bag.”

OUAI Wave Spray: “This is awesome for my hair when I want to give it a little body and bounce. With my beach waves, this works famously. It also tames down the frizzies.”

Crunchi Brilliant Bronzer: “This bronzer is non-toxic and gives my face a glow and emphasizes my cheek bones, which I love. Adding a little glow makes me look youthful, so I like to think.”

Natasha Chiaviello

Natasha Chiaviello is the creative photographer behind Natasha Chiaviello Photography. She has twin seven-year-olds, who are her favorite little muses. She focuses on shooting her clients naturally and capturing their connection as a family. Natasha has a love for the golden hour and natural lighting to capture the best shot. Her camera bag also doubles as her go-to bag, which carries some of her favorite products.

NARS x Man Ray – The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set: “I’ve been obsessed with NARS for years and their velvet matte pencils are amazing. I treated myself to this gift set for the holidays. The pouch is too cute! Wild Ways is my favorite for this time of year. I don’t always have a ton of time to do my makeup, but my essentials are always mascara, eyeliner and a bold lip.”

Be Well Company Lip Scrub: “I recently discovered Be Well Company products and they are all amazing. This lip scrub is always with me, especially since I love to wear mattes and deep colors. It keeps my lips soft and exfoliated. I love that it’s all natural and my daughter can use too.”

Cashmere Fingerless Gloves: “The holidays are when I am the busiest and usually outside shooting, so I love my fingerless gloves. I can still operate my camera and my hands are warm.”

Simple Modern Water Bottle: “If I don’t have my water with me, I end up with a headache.”

Supergoop Hand Cream: “I received a sample of this in my Birchbox one month and had to reorder.”

Lisa Ferguson

Lisa Ferguson is the Maison Francis Kurkdijian Ambassador at Neiman Marcus.

Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer in Ocher: “I suffer from some dark sun spots. This is so creamy and provides full coverage, plus a little goes a long way!”

Frederic Malle Iris Hand Cream: “It is super hydrating. I first tried this hand cream while vacationing in Napa Valley, Calif. After multiple wine tastings in the summer heat, my hands felt very dry. This hand cream is so exclusive (limited distribution) and the iris flower is so clean and has shea butter infused to help absorb right into your hands.”

VITALUMIÈRE AQUA by Chanel: “Who doesn’t live for Chanel? I’ve always had an affinity for Coco Chanel.  For a fresh-faced glow, I like VITALUMIÈRE AQUA skin perfecting foundation in beige rose. It gives me a summer glow year-round with light coverage. The best party is the sunscreen is built in.”

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel: “Brows are on the trend. I recently had microblading done, but I still love to brush my brows for that arched look. I always carry my brow volumizing fiber gel with me. This wand instantly creates mini hair strokes for an exaggerated brow.”

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1: “This protects my lips and gives me a nice sheen/gloss. It’s a treatment for my lips in a handy tube for easy application.”

Dr. Margarita Lolis

Dr. Margarita Lolis is a board-certified fellowship-trained dermatologist. Her practice, Skin, Laser and Surgery Specialists, is located in Hackensack and Tenafly. She focuses on cosmetic and medical dermatology, as well as functional and anti-aging medicine. She believes that non-invasive procedures coupled with early intervention can restore and maintain a youthful appearance. As an anti-aging, functional medicine physician, she likes to take a holistic approach to age management, starting with internal issues, hormone and gut health, nutrition and detoxification so that the patient not only looks youthful but also feels youthful. She is a graduate of Yale University and Mount Science School of Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, American College of Mohs Surgery and the American Society of Anti-aging.

Sunglasses: “I carry them 365 days a year – in the rain, snow or sun. I don’t carry them just because they are a cute accessory; I carry them to protect the eyes from the sun. Repeated squinting and sun exposure can cause crow’s feet and crepiness. My current pair are the Prada 0PR.”

Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF 30 Powder: “You’ll most likely find this in almost every dermatologist’s bag. This is mineral sunscreen in the form of a tinted powder, mostly used for easy reapplication during the day over makeup. It’s great for convenience.”

Moisturizer: “I suffer from dry hands year round. I use Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief 24-Hour Moisturizing Lotion. It has a blend of oatmeal and other emollients, which is soothing and moisturizing. I like to keep a small tube in my bag, because I apply it immediately as soon as I wash my hands. I do the same for my kids. I especially love the coconut scented one.”

Lip Balm: “I love La-Posay Anthelios XL Lipstick SPF50. It helps with my dry lips but, most importantly, protects my lips from UVA and UVB damage. Being a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon, I see a lot of skin cancer on the lips, an area that is often forgotten to protect from the sun.”

Antioxidants. “Between kids and work, I’m always rushing, so I slip these in my bag so I don’t forget to take them. These pills contain antioxidants, Vitamins A, B, E, C, turmeric (a known anti-ager) and flaxseed oil. Not only does it help repair the skin from daily wear and tear, but it also gives me a boost of energy. The night pills, made of a mixture of amino acids, help increase your REM sleep, basically providing a better and longer sleep.”

By Kristin Favaloro

Kristin Favaloro is a Jersey girl with a serious makeup and skincare obsession.

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