Pub Photo2 copySpring is in the air! I guess you could say it has been for some time, but the last weeks in February reaching 60 degrees really got us feeling that those long winter days are far behind us.

With spring comes vibrant color, and with vibrant color comes vibrant fashion, and Spring 2016 has plenty of sexy looks that allow us to finally shed the fur shawl and start rocking some beautiful creams with splashes of color. Like the flowerbeds outside of our homes, we can now bloom again!

As we thaw, some of our children are experiencing some of the most heated times of their lives: the college admissions process. So far, we haven’t been able to crack the code that allows us to understand who will be granted admission to our country’s many universities and who among our young minds will head home, open the mail and be utterly disappointed. Coping with your child’s pain may not be easy for you, but we offer insights on how to help get you get through it as a family.

We can’t speak of family without mentioning Charlie Paragian and Daniel Serakos, who, besides operating their own salon, have six adopted children who are always given first priority. We sat down with the couple to find out how they are able to balance family and work, and enjoy such full and rewarding lives.

In a similar fashion, the caring individuals and groups comprising the teams of the Relay for Life of the Pascack Valley are bonded together through the common kinship of defeating cancer. As one of the largest fundraising groups in the Northeast region, the RFLPV “family” is dedicated to raising the consciousness and commitment of an entire community. As the example of one brave young man’s fight with cancer proves, one life can and does matter. So imagine how much more can be accomplished when many lives are united in a common cause! Learn how the dedicated and determined volunteers of RFLPV are joining forces to help fight and rid the world of cancer.

As you drive through Bergen County, you’ll notice that many of the local farms you may have visited as children, or continued to buy fresh produce and flowers from well into adulthood, have now closed. Paradoxically, as we focus on nutrition and organic eating, we often overlook supporting the small farms that have preached this behavior for generations. It’s time we get back to our roots and ensure that our children’s children will be able to take field trips to these farms and have the benefit of the same learning experiences we were afforded.

The sun is shining and our many downtowns are bustling once again. Spring is here! Let’s enjoy every second of it.

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