My moi day this time around was to be a trifecta trek of three of the outstanding towns that comprise the “Glorious Gold Coast.” Every day I count my lucky stars that I get to call the GW Bridge and the NYC skyline my backyard. The former is often also the site of my workouts. On this particular morning, I started my daily exercise routine with a walk over the bridge. Besides the energy boost, I got a lift from the breathtaking view. I also got plenty of attention as people spotted me and beeped their car horns or texted me to ask “was that u I saw walking over the bridge?” Yes, it was!

After beginning the day on such positive footing, I continued by walking to meet my bestie Lisa at Caffe Bene (1636 Palisades Avenue, Fort Lee) for a decaf soy latte and yogurt with fresh fruit. Absolutely yummy! While the menu offerings are enough to tempt you into being a regular, did I mention CB’s spacious seating and free WiFi?

Although it’s all too easy to linger in the comfy CB setting, I’ve made an appointment to tour the fantastic brand-new Modern Luxury High Rise Rentals (800 Park Avenue, Fort Lee). It’s only a little ways down the street and I’m just dying to see it, so off we go.

Wow, this place is beautiful, boasting so many fabulous amenities that it will never be necessary to leave home. [BTW: I have to thank my good friend Lance Maiden from Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage (2151 Lemoine Avenue, Fort Lee) for setting up my tour.] But now I’m stressing over whether I should sell and move into the Modern. Lisa soon sets me straight. “Get over it and stay in your own beautiful home,” she counsels. I laugh, and saying I need some TLC since she’s not giving me any, we head over to Dr. Bruce Freund’s dental office (700 E. Palisades Avenue, Englewood Cliffs). We are both in awe of his brand new aesthetic spa center. We leave looking and feeling super fab, and with our purchases from Obagi Medical Products, Inc., which offers an extensive line of anti-aging skin care items. Honestly, I could make this divine spa my second home and I don’t think Rhonda would mind if I did. (BTW: Rhonda is Dr. Freund’s wife and office manager, not to mention an expert cosmetician.)

With esthetics still on my mind, we decide to visit the office of Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport (323 Sylvan Avenue #207, Englewood Cliffs) for a consult on cool sculpting, the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled heating to get rid of persistent fat that just won’t go away no matter how nicely you ask, or how hard you diet and exercise. I told Lina, his office manager, I think I’d like to be cool sculpted from head to toe. She laughed and thought I was joking, but I wasn’t. Can’t a girl dream?   

OK, OK, let’s go to lunch. So many great restaurants to choose from, but we opt for G.W. Grill (2139 Hudson Terrace, Fort Lee) aka L and L’s second kitchen and home away from home. Today we order the tilapia tacos and my favorite sliders. And Christina, the adorable bartender, twists our arms to have beers with our lunch. We are very happy besties!

I’ll meet up with L later on because I’m off to Fort Lee Racquet Club (532 N. Avenue, Fort Lee) for a two-hour round robin. This is where my addiction to tennis began almost 20 years ago with Dana, my first tennis instructor. Practically a fixture at FLRC, I regularly take lessons with some of the greats they have there. Afterwards I run home and shower and change before I meet L for Happy Hour.   


I’m refreshed and ready to go but first I think I’m just going to run to see my good friend Joe Parisi, who is the great mayor of Englewood Cliffs. His company, Otterstedt Insurance Agency (540 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs) takes good care of my home and auto insurance needs. My gratitude to all of the knowledgeable staff! Before I venture out tonight I better stop to get some dinero at Connect One Bank (301 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs). I made a good choice in banks. This bank sure is growing quickly. Frank Sorrentino, the founder, is a very smart businessman, and the bank staff is so friendly; I just love coming here.     

I’m going to be a tad late for Happy Hour at In Napoli (116 Main Street, Fort Lee). Lisa and I just love to hang with Flo, the owner; she is really nice and the food is soooooo good. Since I phoned to inform L of my ETA, Lynn the bartender had my beverage of choice waiting for me. (Hate to admit it, but I’ve become my mother; I’m so predictable.) But love ya, Lynn, for knowing—and indulging—my habits!  

Of course as Lisa and I sip our beverages we have our calendars out to pick our date for our cool sculpt. Can’t wait to get it done! My life’s not too shabby! But enough of the body improvement plans; let’s go to The River Palm Terrace (1416 River Road, Edgewater) to see Andy, the best sushi chef ever. While at River Palm Terrace, I usually prefer to sit at the big spacious bar because Steve and Gary are so attentive to me. Yes, me. OK, you, too, Lisa!

Shhhh! Did you know that RP is a who’s who kind of place? Oh, look; there’s Joel Reinfeld, Esq, whose law practice is at 210 Sylvan Avenue Suite 21, Englewood Cliffs. I heard he is one of the greats in Bergen County; wish I’d known him when I went through my “War of the Roses” with my ex.   

I hate to admit this, but I’m a little tired. Pause for my yawn. Wow, another great Me day. The Gold Coast has true treasures. I can’t wait until the new hotel and shopping complex is completed on Lemoine Avenue in Fort Lee. You’ll have to come see it for yourself. Just don’t forget to pick up your copy of BC THE MAG along the way. You won’t want to miss Linda’s List and the great articles to get the scoop on some of the wonderful businesses featured in the mag.   

Buonanotte! See you next time!

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