You don’t need me to tell you that there are levels of partying. You can have a party, which is nice, or you can party, which is awesome. As far as I’m concerned, any reason is a good one to party. And if I were to plan my own awesome party today it would be to celebrate my fabulous ’50s as the big 6-0 is approaching at maximum speed. But enough about me; back to the party plans.

The first step to Partying 101 is to enlist the services of a great event planner. Since I am an event planner, I’ll fast forward past this step. However, there are many wonderful event planners in our backyard. One that immediately comes to mind is Personal Touch, a catering and event planning service ( Personal Touch can cater and plan your party at your home or plan your event. Event planners help you to have a marvelous party so all you have to do is show up and look your divine self!

The next thing on the party planning to-do list is to pick a suitable venue. You think that’s going to be easy? Think again! With so many outstanding banquet halls in Bergen County from which to choose, you’ll have a hard time narrowing down your options. It’s an especially tough call for me because I have organized numerous events at most of these banquet facilities.

But with apologies to the others, this time around I’m going to choose Seasons (644 Pascack Valley Road, Washington Township) for my party venue. I know owner Jimmy K and most of his staff. The food, presentation and wait staff are all incredible. You know I like my sliders (without the bread, of course) and Season’s sliders are simply delish… I think I’ll get the seafood station and the sushi. And an ice carving with my initials is a cool way to satisfy the diva in me, don’t you agree?

Do I need a theme for my party? Yes, you say. Well, since I just love my beverages and happy hours, I’m going to have a progressive happy hour with an open bar. Splendid theme idea, if I do say so myself.


But time out; I need a break from all this planning. Time to carve out some “moi” time. So I’m off to get a consult from Dr. William K. Boss (305 Route 17 S, Paramus) on the rejuvenator treatment, a non-surgical approach that stimulates your skin to restore it to a more youthful experience. I don’t know about you, but I’m very interested. After all, who doesn’t want long-lasting results? I know I do! It’s a no brainer. Dr. Boss is going to help me maintain my youthful look. Thank you, Dr. Boss, and your incredible professional staff, too. The consult was explained to me in detail and I can’t wait until my first treatment!

I’m so excited. Did you know Dr. Boss is one of Bergen’s top docs? Only the best for Linda B…

Now that I’ve taken care of the aging process, I must make certain my grey hairs never make a cameo appearance. Just the other day my bestie Amy (you remember her; we rocked Ramsey together, and we normally eat our way through a town) said she swore I always look as if I get something done to my hair every day. Wrong, I protested. I only get something done to my tresses every other day by my small but mighty army of hair magicians at M LUX Salon (1 Riverside Square Mall, Hackensack). Greg, my colorist, works in Manhattan, but after my endless pleading makes the trip to New Jersey twice a week. Just call me Lucky Lady! People—both women and men—compliment me on my hair all the time. So thanks, Greg; you’re the absolute best!

I need to take a break and enjoy some lunch. As it’s a beautiful day, I head on down to Ross Dock in Edgewater. Located on the Hudson, below the GW Bridge, it has an absolutely stunning view. I would walk there because it’s downhill, but getting back up the hill is another matter…

But with all this “me” time, I’m almost forgetting that I need to finish my party planning. If you read my May/June column—you did read it, right?—you’ll know who my DJ is. So I can check off DJ on my party planning to-do list. I just got off the phone with Alexa at Anna Rose Floral & Event Design (1068 High Mountain Road, North Haledon), which does exquisite work. (Good thing too, as most women love flowers; I’m particularly partial to hydrangeas myself.) I have total faith that the folks at Anna Rose Floral & Event Design will make exceptional arrangements and I’d like lots of votives because I just think candies and florals create a great ambiance.

OMG, I’m a very happy Linda B… I think my party plans are looking good. Time to reward myself with a beverage. Weather-wise it’s a gorgeous night, so since I lunched with an under view of the GW Bridge, now I will sip my Happy Hour beverage at eye level of the GW Bridge at Le Jardin (1257 River Road, Edgewater), the spacious outdoor bar where I prefer to sit. It’s Tuesday night, which means a live band and singles night on the patio. Oh, so you want some dating stories? Trust me, you will need multiple beverages and a lifetime for those. Ugh! Remember, while I like to sit at the bar, you don’t have to because they have plenty of table service outside and indoors at LJ.

I’ve had a very productive day, wouldn’t you agree? I’m going to call it a day and head home to let the Sandman sprinkle sand in my eyes. Buona notte. See you next time. BTW by the time my next column comes out I will be a year wiser! Ciao for now…

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