R U ready for your “Tenafly ME” day!

First stop: the old railroad station, which is now Café Angelique. Located in the center of this quaint and charming town, Café Angelique has been serving up their delicious food and amazing pastries to Tenafly residents for years. After a late night, which started with Palmer’s Crossing Happy Hour, a chamomile tea and sugar-free berry scone is exactly what the doctor ordered.

After my light breakfast, I’m off to go meet my mixed doubles team at the Tenafly Racquet Club. Who knows, I might even see tennis player Christopher Pucci, the only tennis pro who made me cry when my addiction to the game began.  

A quick little story: I got so frustrated at the net that I walked off the court and started to cry. Christopher said, “Get back on this court, Linda.” And, of course, I did. And the rest is history: I’ve hardly wanted to leave!

The score of our game today: 6-3, 4-6. Ya win some, ya lose some.

Now I am off to Orogo to see the latest Ernest Borel watch from his Cocktail Collection. It is to die for. Orogo has the most exquisite jewelry too. And what’s a new watch without a new handbag? I walk directly across the street to see my good friend Simona, who is hysterical! Her unique eye for fashion is a true gift. MINT, Simona’s high-end consignment shop, houses Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, to name just a few. Today my ME gift is a Chanel bag.


I’ve worked up quite an appetite, and my new watch is screaming to me that it is lunchtime. I walk next store to Brasserie, a charming little café-type restaurant and indulge in a grilled chicken salad. It may sound boring, but I assure you it’s nothing short of delicious. While there I couldn’t leave without trying the crepes. I definitely made the right decision.

The perfect town for window-shopping, Tenafly is easily walkable, and you’ll always run into people you know. The stores are almost all full and the streets are lively. Although there isn’t much going on at night, during the day, it is just as charming as any other downtown in Bergen County.

As the hour hand on my watch creeps toward “happy,” I walk over to Axia Taverna. I like to sit at the bar here. I order my favorite Greek wine, Restina, and nibble on the assorted olives. After my long day of shopping, this is a perfectly relaxing moment—a perfect end to another great day. See you next time, BC!

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