Every girl deserves a fairy tale day, right? No, silly, I’m not in Kansas. I’m in the greatest county in New Jersey—Bergen County. Not too shabby to start my day in Neiman Marcus (Garden State Plaza, Paramus) with the fashionista legend Benji. OMG, I’m lovin’ these Manolos.

In keeping with the Kansas vibe, I close my eyes and click my Manolos twice and voila I’m in Bergen Maserati (145 New Jersey 17 South, Upper Saddle River), aka a toy store for men. Nelson, the GM, pointed into his showroom and told me to pick a car so I could take it for a spin. Trust me, he didn’t have to ask me twice! You may not know that the only color in my spectrum is black, but I threw tradition by the wayside and chose a white Ghibli. Forget dating sites; they pale to the male attention I am getting with this car. Who knew? Unbelievable! Forget the adage about the way to a man’s heart being through his stomach. I’m telling you—drive a Maserati! Not that my everyday wheels are too shabby, but this car is over the top. I confessed that initially I was intimidated to drive it, but it is really female-friendly and you can’t beat its voom-voom appeal.     

But I better shake a leg, as I don’t want to be late for my appointment at Fair Lawn Dental Associates (25-15 Fair Lawn Avenue, Fair Lawn). I swear Angie is the best hygienist in the universe, and Dr. Mahler—with his nice smile—always pops his head into the room to greet me. No one likes going to the dentist, but the staff and doctors really make it feel like home. Thank you everyone at Fair Lawn Dental for making a visit to the dentist a happy time and place. The cleaning was a piece of cake. (Is it cool to mention a dentist and sugar in the same sentence?) Well, you know what I mean; the process was breezy easy.   

Don’t you just hate to eat or drink after your teeth are cleaned? I know I do, but I can’t resist the food at Sanzari’s New Bridge Inn (105 Old Bridge Road, New Milford). When I’m bad I have the sausage and broccoli rabe, but today I think I’ll be good and have the Italian Tuna salad. It is so good it reminds me of the tuna salad I had in Positano, Italy, only better because the former has a little kick to it; it’s perfect to pair with my white wine spritzer for a “wow” lunch.  

Have I ever mentioned how great life is in Linda’s List land? It most certainly is! I need to eat a little slower. I guess I’m anxious to get back into the Maserati. I think I’m getting in touch with my male side. This car is to die for and I’m oh-so tempted not to give it back. I’m really digging all the attention; just sayin’…

Ahh, the joys of being single. Did I say being single is a joy? Must be the spritzer talking. LOL Wait! Hot wheels deserve a new outfit and only one place comes to mind—Boutique 811 (811 Franklin Lake Road, Franklin Lakes), which is better known as the candy store for women. Marilyn has such a vast selection of designers and really has something for everyone. Trust me; you will never walk out empty-handed. She has such an exceptional sense of style. See ya soon, Marilyn. I’ve got to go see my good friend Tito at the Tides (1245 Belmont Avenue, North Haledon) since it is practically a stone’s through away. I really love their new addition, which offers a very elegant, spacious and open look. Seeing how beautiful it is, I almost want to get married again… NOT. But how about if I just have a great party there instead. (Don’t tell anyone but in two years I’ll be celebrating a milestone Bday, so stay tuned.)  


Oops, better get a move on if I don’t want to be late for my consult with Dr. Paul Klein (401 Hamburg Turnpike, Ste. 110, Wayne). His bye-bye bunions ad in BC THE MAG sold me.

The whole boot thing for weeks has been a major deterrent. Remember, I’m single so the boot look would so cramp my style. What a great consult with a doctor who actually took the time to thoroughly explain the process, and he has a sense of humor, too. Incredible that I can be back in shoes in two weeks, and in sneakers in just one week. Sign me up, Doc!   

It’s time for my philanthropic high. I think I’ll stop in to see Kim Cesar at Hackensack University Children’s Hospital (30 Prospect Avenue, Hackensack); it is so heartwarming to see the names of my dear friends Dr. and Mrs. Mingi Choi on the wall as I enter the children’s hospital lobby. I know I’m dating myself, but I remember the now Hackensack Medical Center as Hackensack Hospital when it had just one building. Today, it’s grown so large and successful that it seems like a small country.

I still have lots more energy in my tank (just call me the Energizer Bunny) and who wouldn’t want to keep driving around in a Maserati, so Morton’s (Shops at Riverside, Hackensack) happy hour here I come. OK don’t pass out but I’m going to have a burger as they are just so good here and a glass of cabernet (Sadly I forgot my teeth cleaning already). Delicious!

Then it’s off to the outdoor bar at Stony Hill Inn (231 Polifly Road, Hackensack). Hey, it’s Thursday night. The outdoor bar is definitely a big hit and there may be a sighting of BC THE MAG publishers Steve and Sharon. Love them to the moon and back!

Don’t worry; once the DJ ends outside we take the party inside to the sounds of the one and only Jerry Tolve. Not only is he a DJ, but he can carry a tune too! He has a great voice. Jerry will definitely be my choice for entertainment at my next party. A very special shout-out to Michael, the GM. I thank you, Michael, for your ever-present pleasant smile and kindness. And I just have to mention that the valet service is the most efficient, no matter how busy the place is. Trust me, it’s a happening place, and you have got to try the exceptional food, too.  

I know Bergen County bedazzled me. I sure hope it bedazzled you. Oh, goody; I get to drive the Maserati home. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Buona notte! See you next time!

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